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Are you committed to rescuing a pug from South Korea?


Please read the following and be prepared to follow through with your commitment before you apply.

You are applying for a dog that has been rescued, relinquished, or found as a stray in South Korea. While every effort has been made to treat any medical issues discovered by a vet or foster, we cannot guarantee future illnesses or life expectancy.

As an all volunteer organization, we do not have a physical facility and rely on our network of fosters in South Korea to temporarily home our pugs until a permanent one can be found. If you would like to be the forever home, remember the pug is located in South Korea and you will be unable to meet the pug before adoption.  

At 5,978 miles, the flight time is approximately 11 hours in duration from Seoul (ICN) to Los Angeles (LAX). Due to the changes in climate, culture, and time difference please give these dogs time to de-stress and acclimate to their new surroundings. Most of our pugs will start to show more of their true personality once they've been given love, rest, space, and time. 


If you you are not sure whether you can adopt a pug sight unseen (photos and videos only) please adopt from a local shelter. Being an international non-profit, we are only able to fly out the pugs once we have an approved home for them. You may want to consider a rescue that provides trial adoptions so you can get a feel for how the pug will get along with other family members, dogs, etc. The reason we don't offer trial adoptions is due to the expense in flying them from Korea to Los Angeles. If the adoption doesn't work out then we've taken a huge financial risk. Because of this, we realize our rescue might not be for everyone.

If you wish to meet with a number of pugs before adopting, our partner rescue Pug Nation Los Angeles has a facility in Carson that houses all of their adoptable pugs. Schedule an appointment for visitation at

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