In May, volunteer Mel Mort hosted a Foster Appreciation Party to thank our network of fosters. The pug guests frolicking and zooming all over the yard were: Mouse, Nora, Ezra, Levi, Pugsley, Francisco, Otis. Kim and her niece, “Lil Kim,” also went!

Mel: “So many of these babies are so stressed and timid when they are first rescued, and it's their time with their fosters that allow their beautiful personalities to blossom. I made ice cream for the dogs and the humans had a cookout. It was such an amazing day!”

Kim: “It is not easy to meet together with fostering moms. I always want to and it came true! Every foster mom and dad were gentle, interesting, friendly, easy-going and open-minded—like pugs! I realized why they foster pugs: all have very similar characters. They share one important thing: pug!”

  • Melody Chalaban

As a result of volunteer Mel Mort’s dedicated efforts, she has led Pug Rescue of Korea in building a solid network of foster families for our needy pugs (and non-pugs!) at our US military bases in South Korea. This tremendous support from the families of our US armed forces stationed at Camps Humphrey and Osan mean only one thing: MORE PUGS SAVED! Some of these foster families have become “foster fails”—which, despite the name, is actually a good thing!—and have fallen in love with their foster pug and adopted them (we don’t blame you!). Without these kind folks’ willingness to open their homes to these dogs, we would not be able to rescue as many pugs as we have. In June alone, Kim rescued 10 dogs (9 pugs + 1 French Bulldog).

Mel Mort holds one of the pugs that she arranged a foster home for

Mel is our “Pug Hub,” or as she likes to say, “Mel’s Home for Wayward Pugs.” Mel reaches out to other military families, looking for foster homes. When needed, she’ll keep them at her home temporarily (with her own 3 pugs—one of which came from PRK!) until she can secure a foster home on base.

Kim has half-jokingly lamented that this foster network along with a new dog “sales” list she found has opened a Pandora’s Box. She can’t stop rescuing! (Can’t stop, won’t stop.) Unlike the mythical box however, this Box—this Pug Box—unleashes endless joy. Happy snorts, light and love…and it always ends happily.

To our foster network in Korea: Thank you for your service to our country and your service to these pugs!

Levi, adopted by the Turner Family

Darwin (fka Bubba) – adopted by the Armentrout Family

Ezra – adopted by the Rodney Family

Dolly (aka Potato) – adopted by the Schmalzriedt Family (previously fostered Norah)

Sally – adopted by the Hernandez Family (currently fostering Jenny from the Block)

Joppy (fka Joplin) – adopted by the Page Family

JoJo (fka Josie) – adopted by the Tran Family

Mouse (fka Joanie) - adopted by the Mort Family

May 18, 2019

Pug Rescue of Korea 10-Year Anniversary Party

Recreation Dog Park 5201 E 7th St, Long Beach, CA 90804 May 18, 2019 @ 11am

We're throwing a party to celebrate the 500+ pugs we've saved (and the 500 more we plan to save)!

We'll have pizza, snacks and beverages (while our pugs enviously watch us eat, of course). The first 50 guests will receive a special pug party favor. We'll gather at and around the small dog area of the park. Look out for our Pug Rescue of Korea tent! 

(There's a $6 entry donation to help more pugs. You can donate online when you RSVP below.)

Hope to see you and your pug there!


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