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16 dogs stuck in Korea

Yes, we still have our pugs and Frenchies stuck in Korea, waiting to fly to their forever homes in the US. Now there are 16 (a few have been adopted to US military families stationed in Korea-- thank you!).

As you know, our dogs have been in a holding pattern right now due to several airlines’ policy changes that now ban transportation of snub-nosed dogs. Korean Air Cargo (our main carrier) has not banned them but, as of Sep 1, they doubled airfare and cargo fees to $950 per dog!

The good news is that we may have found a more affordable airline that will fly snub-nosed dogs. We will know for certain in a couple weeks. But, we are cautious with our excitement as there’s a rumor that this airline will eventually double their fees or, worse yet, ban these dogs.

We are fearful that, one day, it will become cost-prohibitive for us to fly pugs to the US.

So, how will we pay for this?

One way is through grants, which we have just started applying for. Another way is through shameless asks of you, our supporters.


Our pugs (and Frenchies) in Korea are in high danger of euthanization. If we can't raise money, we won't be able to save many more dogs than the ones you see here. The others will end up suffering on the streets or with negligent owners, euthanized or, worse yet, as someone's dinner from a dog meat market 😨!

If you have friends and family or know of any foundations or benefactors, please spread the word to them! 🗣🙏🏼

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