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Buddy's Pug Life Now

Our rescuer, Kim, rescued 1yo Buddy from the shelter in 2017.

“It was strange that nobody wanted to adopt him from the shelter. Maybe it was his photograph on the official stray site. He was very small, 11lbs. He had canine cold (cough, runny nose). People were afraid he had pneumonia or distemper. He was not seriously sick. He recovered! He was hospitalized for 2 weeks and, during that time, I would visit him to say hi.”

Buddy in Korea

Once healthy, we flew Buddy to Los Angleles on March 29, 2017. He then pugged on over to our friends at Pug Nation of LA, who took care of his adoption from there.

Here’s his mom, Tere Gonzalez:

Gotcha day date: April 13, 2017

Current age: 3 years old

Buddy in front, 2nd from the left, 2017

How did you happen upon Buddy?

First, I noticed him (see first pic) in Korea and thought he was cute. Then while watching Pug Nation’s Facebook Live video, I saw him again! They announced they would be at the Tailwaggers Adoption event the next day but that there was already a waiting list for him. So I didn’t get my hopes up, and I didn’t think they would take him to the adoption fair either. I had lost my pug Coco four months before and had intended to go to Tailwaggers just to play with the pugs.

What’s Buddy’s adoption story?

Gwenn from Pug Nation told me there was a list of 10 people ahead of me and she wasn’t sure how I ended up with him. I was shocked too, so it was meant to be!

How did you know Buddy was the “one?”

At Pug Nation, I didn’t notice him initially. But my boss, who was with me, spied him sitting under the volunteer’s chair. The volunteer asked if I wanted to take him for a walk, and I did! He was so cute, but I was told he already had someone coming to the Station to see him tomorrow. But they liked the fact that Buddy would be coming to work with me every day and, since he had a rough life, that would be good for him. They did the home check and landlord check all in one day, and when Gwenn called me the next day, she said, “I don’t know how you ended up with him, but that he’s all yours! Congratulations!”

Describe the day and your feelings the moment you met your pug.

Left work to pick him up at the Station, was a bit nervous but excited to have a dog back in my life (the first 2 pix above are Buddy's first day and night in his new home!).

What’s Buddy’s personality like?

He’s super sweet, loves everyone, including cats! He’s super crazy for food, twirling and spinning from the kitchen to his bowl. He loves to dress up and lets me take his picture, so funny! He loves his zoomies (all day long at the office) and his toys, but he HATES baths.

Buddy with Tere's boss

How has Buddy fit in with your family and in your home?

He fit right in, especially at work, which was so surprising. He doesn’t bark and he loves my boss (sometimes I think he loves him more than me, lol).

What’s his favorite food, or rather--let’s make this pug-appropriate-- is there anything your pug won’t eat?


If your pug could talk, what would he say?

What’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner and where do you keep the treats.

If your pug had thumbs, what would they do?

Open the refrigerator.

I want to thank Kim, Renee, Melody & everyone involved with Pug Rescue of Korea. I know it’s not an easy job and y ’all are awesome & amazing!

Buddy as a Korean tourist lost in LA, Halloween 2019

Fun fact: Buddy recently won a Best Costume Award at Pug Nation’s Annual Pugtacular Spooktacular Event!

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