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Burton's Pug Life Now

Pug Rescue of Korea rescued Burton from a shelter on August 4, 2018. He was a stray found on the main street of Gangnam District (like the song, “Gangnam style”), which is a very busy shopping district (like Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills), not residential. Imagine finding a stray pug strutting around on Rodeo!

We flew Burton to the US, and he went straight to our partner, Pug Nation of LA, who took care of his adoption from there.

Let’s hear more about this “gentle giant” from his mom, Jen DeBough:

Gotcha day date: 9/14/19

Current age: probably 4 (he was 3-4 when we adopted him). I can’t believe it’s been a year!

How did you happen upon Burton?

We lost our last senior pug Bubba at the age of 15 in July 2018. Our hearts and home were so empty, and we had more love to give. We reached out to Pug Nation LA and once approved, we virtually met two prospective young male pugs via Skype, Donny and Burton. Donny wouldn’t sit still so the meeting was brief, but you could see calm and quiet Burt in the foreground, waiting his turn for the camera. He instantly reminded us of each of our four senior pugs from the past. We loved their leisurely and subdued personalities (who doesn’t love a senior!?) so much and the moment we saw Burton, we knew he would be a wonderful addition to our family.

What’s his adoption story?

We believe it was clear to Pug Nation LA that we would care for Burton for the rest of his life, as we had for many pugs before him. I hope they knew that we feel adoption is forever and there are no lengths that we will not go to in order to ensure a happy, healthy and well cared for pug. We are incredibly grateful that Pug Nation maintains a great relationship with Pug Rescue of Korea and blessed us with Burt.

Describe the day and your feelings the moment you met your pug.

We drove from Las Vegas to Los Angeles the day before we were able to bring Burt home with us. We were so excited and anxious to meet Burton that we arrived at Pug Nation before they even opened! They were very kind to let us in before opening hours. The experience was bittersweet. To see so many babies waiting for their forever homes while the volunteers at Pug Nation cared for them as if they were their own. We spotted Burt instantly. While other pups were jumping and barking out of excitement, Burt sat still as if he knew we were there just for him.

What’s Burt’s personality like?

Burton is very calm and quiet. He doesn’t bark much except when the doorbell rings. He’s a fantastic listener and was a fast learner when it comes to tricks. He even dances, spinning around on his two back feet for treats. We jokingly say he was a performer in a Korean circus! He absolutely loves car rides. He sleeps most of the night under the covers (of course, he sleeps in the people bed!) without panting at all. He loves to go out to dog-friendly restaurants and doesn’t bark at other dogs. He is a very happy boy!

How has Burton fit in with your family and in your home?

Burton fits in perfectly and completes our family. He stays with his grandparents and pug cousin when we travel and has a wonderful time. It almost makes us think he needs a brother!

What’s his favorite food, or rather--let’s make this pug-appropriate-- is there anything he won’t eat?

Burt will literally eat ANYTHING! Asparagus, lettuce, tomatoes, watermelon--the list is endless. We have not found a food that he won’t ingest immediately. We watch what we give him to keep his 19 lb frame sleek!

If Burton could talk, what would he say?

I love you mommy!

If your Burton had thumbs, what would he do?

Open the refrigerator!

A million thanks to Pug Rescue of Korea and Pug Nation of LA for ALL you do. Burton has brought such joy to our lives, and we couldn’t imagine life without him.

Follow Burton on Instagram @burton_therescuepug

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