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Foster Family Spotlight: Emily Ebrecht

This feature spotlights our dedicated fosterers and their contributions to Pug Rescue of Korea. Because of their generosity of heart and time, we would not be able to rescue as many pugs as we have. For this, we give a big pug snort-snort of thanks!

Emily with her first foster, Troye (adopted Sep 2020)

Today, we’re talking with foster mom Emily Ebrect, who is originally from Missouri.

What brought you to Korea?

I came to Korea when I received the opportunity to teach at an international school.

How did you get involved with Pug Rescue of Korea?

A fellow teacher at my school shared a PRK post about a need for fosters for 10 pugs! It took me a while to consider whether or not I could honestly help with my teaching schedule, but the post tugged at my heartstrings and the rest is history!

What inspired you to want to foster?

With being home more often due to the pandemic, I was missing my dog back home. I knew I couldn't have a dog long term because of what my schedule would be like post-pandemic, so fostering was a perfect fit to have pets in my life again while helping pugs in need.

I had never had a pug before, and I had no clue that they loved being around people so much! I'm now a pug lover for life!

Do you have any pets of your own?

I have a Dachshund/Schnauzer mix named JJ back in Missouri that my mom is taking care of. I miss him and can't wait to be able to travel safely back to the States to visit!

Karev (now named Hank), 2yo and adopted Mar 2021

What dogs have you fostered for us?

Troye and Karev (now named Hank)

What do you like about fostering?

I love seeing the transformation of the dogs as they spend time with you. Both Troye and Karev were quite timid when they first arrived, but as time passed and they realized that they were safe and loved, it was amazing to see their personalities emerge!

Karev (now named Hank)

Tell us about any fond foster experiences.

Karev could be very energetic and playful, but he wasn't always sure what was a toy. Some of his chewing explorations included the corner of the table, laptop, and my hair! Luckily, he very quickly discovered these things weren't chewable toys...except my hair!! Pulling my hair back became a must during play time!

Troye crashes workouts (far left)

What would you tell someone who is considering being a foster parent?

Fostering can be tough. You don't know what to expect with each dog, and they have their own personalities, so you have to be patient and flexible. It is totally worth it though! Also, be prepared for cuddles! I had never had a pug before, and I had no clue that they loved being around people so much! I'm now a pug lover for life!

Not only does everyone at PRK love pugs, but they have a great appreciation for those who foster, adopt, and help in whatever ways they can. It has made fostering such a great experience, so thank you!

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