Foster Family Spotlight: Haylei Ramsay

Welcome to our new feature on our Pug Rescue of Korea foster families! We’ll be showcasing them and their contributions to PRK. Because of their generosity of heart and time, we have the capacity to rescue double the number of pugs. For this, we are immensely grateful.

Haylei with foster Ginger (left) and her pug, William

Let’s first meet Haylei Ramsay, a foster mom in South Korea. Originally from Texas, she and her husband are a US Army family stationed in Korea. Below, she talks about her experiences fostering for us.

How did you get involved with Pug Rescue of Korea?

I’ve grown up with pugs, and when I heard about Pug Rescue of Korea, I knew I had to be involved!

What inspired you to foster?

When I foster, I get to take care of pugs from different backgrounds and have come from various situations. I get to help them become better.

Wills in the fields

Do you have any pets of your own?

Currently I have one pug, William.

(L-R) William when rescued; William tunneling; future King William on his throne

Ed note: When 5yo William was rescued in August 2020, he had very irritated, red skin with almost no hair. He was living in a home with 2 other pugs, Hugo-Leo and Lucy. Neglected over time, William became overweight and his skin ravaged due to allergies. He was very uncomfortable and in pain when we got him. Thanks to the Ramseys, William’s allergies and skin have all been taken care of, and he knows he will never be neglected again 🥰.

(Top left, clockwise) Haylei's fosters: Ginger, Olive and Ginger, Olive, Santa (aka Milo), Simon, Simon again

What dogs have you fostered for PRK?

I have fostered Ginger (adopted 1/28/21) and Olive (adopted 12/16/20), and I’m currently fostering Santa (I call him Milo; he’s pending adoption) and 5mo Simon.

Tell us about a fond foster experience.

The funniest foster experience I have is when the puggies got into paint and when I got home, I found puggie prints all over my house!

What would you tell someone who is considering being a foster parent?

If you are thinking about fostering, there are a few things you need to consider such as: because you don’t know the dog’s background, be patient! All dogs have flaws, and you are NOT going to get a perfect dog. Pugs are very sweet and loveable and sadly were not always treated right, so please love your pug with all you heart (even your fosters). They will have accidents, they will chew occasionally, they shed, they snore, they snot and cuddle, but that’s pure pug love.