Foster Family Spotlight: Lunling Lopez

Lunling with curent foster Frank!

Let’s meet Lunling Lopez, one of our foster families in Korea!

This foster family feature spotlights our dedicated fosterers and their contributions to PRK. Because of their generosity of heart and time, we would not be able to rescue as many pugs as we have. For this, we give a big pug snort-snort of thanks!

Lunling is originally from Taiwan but has spent half her life in Japan and Florida. Her husband, born in Peru and raised in the US, is currently active duty in the Air Force.

What inspired you to foster?

We don’t know where would be our next base yet so we really can’t adopt a snub-nosed dog yet...but we love dogs and really want to helping to save more dogs.

Foster pug Hendrix with Lunling's daughter & their dog Coco

Do you have any pets of your own?

Yes, we adopted a terrier mix, Coco, from Asan shelter last year.

What dogs have you fostered for us?

Bugs (aka Bagel), Hendrix (now known as Leo), and now Frank (who is pending adoption).

Ed. note: When we rescued Frank, he was diagnosed with heartworm. Heartworm treatment is a looooong one-- injections every month for 3 months. Typical treatment time is 3-4 months. Incidentally, Hendrix also had heartworm. Extra kudos to Lunling's patience and love through both Frank's and Hendrix's treatment!

Foster pug Bagel

What do you like about fostering?

We learn more and more from new foster pug every time, like they all have different personalities.

Also we want to say thanks to Ms. Kim. Every weekend she drives around to pick up and drop off or rescue more pugs.

Tell us about any funny/fond foster experiences.

All three pugs we have fostered snore very loudly...and talk a lot!

Foster dogs Frank, Bagel and Hendrix

What would you tell someone who is considering being a foster parent?