Foster Family Spotlight: Shaley Mayabb

This feature spotlights our dedicated fosterers and their contributions to Pug Rescue of Korea. Because of their generosity of heart and time, we would not be able to rescue as many pugs as we have. For this, we give a big pug snort-snort of thanks!

Today, we’re talking to foster mom, Shaley Mayabb. Originally from Bethany, Oklahoma, Shaley is in South Korea with her husband, who is serving in the Air Force.

“I have lived in the metro area all of my life so coming to Korea was a big change.”

How did you get involved with Pug Rescue of Korea?

I was out walking when a couple and their 2 dogs struck up a conversation with me. I had mentioned trying to bring one of my dogs over to Korea and that I had been a foster for the OKHumane Society. They told me about Kim (not specifically Pug Rescue of Korea). I was in touch with her the next day.

L-R: Shaley's dogs: Oscar, puggle Annabelle (RIP), Fiona and Bruno

What inspired you to want to foster? Do you have any pets of your own?

I lost my 21-year-old Puggle, Annabelle, on March 14th, 2020. I had found her as a stray in 2000 when I was 7 years old. Life without her has been very hard to say the least. She was survived by her rescue brother and sister, Bruno and Fiona. Before I knew we would be moving to Korea, I decided to open my home to a few fosters with the OKHumane Society. So, in those few months, I got a little foster experience before coming to Korea.

Helping other animals helps fill the hole I have in my heart for my sweet Annabelle. But the last foster captured my heart. I couldn't let him go-- Oscar. He is currently being spoiled by his Grammy back in Oklahoma City until I can return.

What dogs have you fostered for us?

I have fostered Titi, Maia, Stevie (aka Bravo), and am currently fostering Lillian, who I started fostering at only a month-old.

What do you like about fostering?

I love fostering because I get a chance to positively impact an animal’s life before they find their forever home. Moving from home to home can be frightening, so I do my best to make them feel like they are one of my own. Knowing that opening my home to one baby helps rescue another one and that there is a collective of people doing this is so rewarding.

"You might not be able to change the world, but you can change one animal's world"

--and that is so amazing. Every foster parent is making a difference, and I only wish more people would open their hearts if even for a month to rehabilitate a dog. Doing so frees up one more kennel for another soul to be saved.

Tell us about any funny/fond foster experiences.

I love that every animal has a different personality, likes/dislikes and quirks. It's so entertaining and fascinating to experience each foster's personality and I think it helps me be a more well-rounded dog mom.

Stevie (aka Bravo), age 6, adopted through Pug Nation LA in Dec 2020

Stevie (aka Bravo) was by far my favorite foster from PRK. Despite being blind, he had the goofiest and liveliest personality, and it was so inspiring to see.

Lillian, age 4 months, not ready for adoption

Lillian is the cutest foster I've had, though she is the most rambunctious and wild out of the bunch! She absolutely melts your heart with all the head cocks but is all about finding shoes and dragging them around by their laces. When she was first with us, my husband Matt rolled her up in her blanket really tight to put her to sleep, and we called it a Pugurrito. How we miss those days! It seems she gets more and more energy every day! I love watching her experience new things for the first time and, let me tell you, she is fearless. Nothing scares this little girl. She acts tough all day long until she cuddles up on Matt's shoulder and falls asleep. (Sometimes he falls asleep too and it is so precious to watch both of them snore together.