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Jack's Pug Life Now

Jack, formerly Bok, will be celebrating his 6th birthday at the end of February! Relinquished in Korea before he was a year old, he now lives with his humans, Jennifer and Matt, in Southern California.

His rescue story as told by his rescuer, Kim:

"A member of pug community in Korea wanted to give up him. She lived alone and no longer could live with him so he moved to her parents' house. His parents kept him outdoors so his owner felt so sorry for him. As I heard that story, I asked her to move him to my vet clinic. Then he flew to the States for adoption."

Fun fact first!

Jack’s an award-winning Pug! He won Most Photogenic Dog at the Bulldog Beauty Contest in 2016 and second-best tail in 2017! His tails looks like a double curled cinnamon bun, and it's perfect in every way. Just like him!

Homecoming with Matt

Gotcha Day date

March 10, 2015. We celebrate every year by taking him to Petsmart to get a new toy and treat. This year, I'm going to bake him a dog-friendly cake with peanut butter!

How did you happen upon Jack?

I wasn't looking for Jack at that time, but I think he was looking for me! My family had recently lost our almost 15-year-old Lab, Sadie. I've had Labs all my life, but I've been in love with Pugs almost as long and knew that one day, I'd find the perfect pug. We found Jack on completely by accident. My sister and I were both missing Sadie, and our roommate had recently gone through the Guide Dog training puppy program so, for a moment, there was a puppy in our house. It reminded us how nice it was to come home to a dog! Having a dog adds color. So, I was initially looking for dogs for my sister when I stumbled across Jack's picture and bio. I fell in love, so I took a leap and filled out an application.

How did you know Jack was the “one?”

When we arrived at his foster's house, he came bursting out of the house like a maniac and tore around the yard, chasing and tumbling around with Peri, his foster-sibling. He was full of energy and such a happy boy! When I called him, he practically bowled me over and, in between all of the kisses and licking, I realized he was the one. I was trying really hard not to get my hopes up though!

The day I first met Jack

Describe the day and your feelings the moment you met Jack.

I remember rushing to finish the application and asking my roommates and fiancé if they were ok with adopting a pug. We set a date to meet Jack. During the hour long drive, I was bouncing with excitement! My fiancé couldn't make it, but he had said he was ok with whatever happened (he was noncommittal and told me it was up to me since he didn't care...look how that has changed!).

What’s his personality like?

He's slowed down considerably—but still has the occasional zoomie—since we brought him home, but in a good way! Most of the day, he lazes around until everyone gets home then comes alive and gets playful. Currently, his favorite toy is a pizza, but he also loves ropes, antlers and anything soft! He also knows several tricks including: "give me paw" (high-five), “bow,” “shake,” and "bang bang" (complete with a finger gun!). We've also taught him how to "howl."

He's a master at guilt-tripping people. He looks at you with those big liquidy brown eyes and the upturned lip, making you question every decision you ever made that didn't benefit him in some way. And he's an opportunist! If you leave anything in reach that's food-related, he will get into it when your back is turned! Every so often, when something new is in the house (an Amazon box, a pineapple, a cardboard cutout of Professor Snape from Harry Potter), he will lose his mind! He's equal parts brave and afraid when it comes to new things. Balloons are public enemy #1!

The best part is when you've had a bad day or you're not feeling well, Jack's always right there, as close as he can be to lick your hand or curl up in your lap.

How has your pug fit in with your family and in your home?

I'm going to be very clear here: I may have adopted Jack and I love him dearly, but his absolute favorite person in the world is his dad, my husband. And the same goes for my husband. I never had a chance! They are two peas in a pod. Matt was a little hesitant at first until Jack came home on Gotcha Day. But now all Matt talks about is adding more pugs to our family in the future. Jack is the apple of his eye.

When Jack came home, we were worried about our other house inhabitant, my sister's cat Neville. At first, Neville was not a fan of Jack and was a bit vocal about it. But we were patient and kept working with both. After realizing that Jack was mostly harmless, Neville warmed up to him and they are now best friends and inseparable. If you put Jack outside, Neville will sit by the door until you let him out as well or let Jack back in! Neville even takes time to occasionally groom Jack's ears and face. It's the funniest thing!

My parents also recently added a new Lab, Ivie, to their family and we go over to visit them every weekend. She's a bit of a bully (as all puppies are) and at first, he wasn't good at telling her to back off. Now, they're friends and they wrestle nonstop until we have to throw them into the backyard so they don't break anything.

This heirloom dog sweater has been in our family for almost 40 years. We have pictures of all of our labs wearing it and now, one of Jack!

What’s his favorite food, or rather--let’s make this pug-appropriate-- is there anything Jack won’t eat?

Pickles. One time, Jack ate a pickle slice. His look of joy went to one of disgust in half a second. I don't think his mouth even closed before he spat it back out onto the ground.

If Jack could talk, what would he say?

He'd give me a stern talking to (or a well-worded guilt trip!) for all of times I brought something weird and scary into the house, like the time he spotted a pineapple on the table. I've never seen a dog skid to a halt and back up so quickly before.

If your pug had thumbs, what would he do?

Probably figure out how to get into the fridge, the pantry...anywhere there's food!

Jack at various Renaissance Faires with us. He's really good-natured about the ridiculous things we put on him. Far right, 1 week after we got him-- there were cannons going off all day and he didn't budge at all.

Family pic

We're so thankful to Kim and PRK for rescuing Jack and allowing us to adopt him. Even though we got married the same year, I still like to say that adopting Jack was the best decision of 2015. My husband and I love him dearly and can't imagine life without him. He brings color into our everyday life and has been our constant companion, whether we're at my parents, on a boating trip, or bringing him along with us to any of the Renaissance Faires that we do as a couple. Every day is an adventure with him!

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