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Maple's Pug Life Now

Rescued as a stray from the shelter in fall 2013, Maple was a miracle. Battling pneumonia, she was in an incubator for 4 weeks on oxygen. Her status fluctuated a lot, making it very emotionally draining for our rescuer, Kim. But she says, “It was so miracle she overcame.”

Maple's mom, Amber Reese: “Kim put her in a pretty little blue dress and the day she was rescued, and she demanded to share some of Kim’s orange drink when they were on the train.”

Current age: Almost 8

Gotcha Day: January 18, 2014

How did you happen upon Maple?

We had just lost our senior girl pug (from Pug Nation LA in 2010). She was a mate with our boy pug, Buddy (from Pug Rescue San Diego County in 2010). We were absolutely heartbroken with the loss. I knew we would get another rescue girl pug, but when Buddy wouldn't eat or get out of bed for a week, I knew I had to find our next princess pug and a new mate for Buddy. By wonderful luck, I stumbled across PRK and the entire awesome team. Jan was fostering Maple in the States, and she had just arrived within the week. When I saw her picture and her bio, I was in love instantly! I immediately put in our application and was quite pesky about meeting her :)

How did you know she was the one?

The moment I saw her pictures, I just knew. There was something in her eyes. Such a joyous little soul. I knew I had to give her the spoilings and love she deserved.

Gotcha Day (L-R: Maple, Buddy)

Describe the day and your feelings the moment you met your pug.

The day was a weekday, and we went after work. I was SO excited I could barely hold still on the 45 min drive to Jan's house. When we came through the door, we had Buddy with us and he instantly fell out of his depression and started running through the house with Maple and Jelly (Jan’s pug). I had to contain myself as all I wanted to do was pick her up and hug her and give her kisses. I think Jan knew, lol!

We are big pug kissers and once I got Maple on my lap, I kissed right on her nose. I could tell she had never had that. I asked my husband Ryan if he wanted to kiss her and he said no. Later in the car I asked him why, and he replied, "I'm afraid I'd kiss her and fall in love...and if we don't get picked as her forever parents, I would be able to bear it."

We were already in love with this sweet princess.

My future's so bright...

What’s Maple’s personality like?

Sassy! Spoiled. In-charge. Loving. Kind. Empathetic. Protective. A comedian. She's extremely expressive and communicates what she wants or does not. She loves her beds, blankets and to burrow and wrestle. She loves her toys, walks, and of course treats. She hates the vet, nail trims and the rain.

The first day we got her, I gave her a brand new stuffed animal dog. She has slept with it every night since that first day. I've had to restuff it and sew it many times. When I have to wash it or sew it, she just sits and waits. It's sweet, like a comfort "blankie." (Pix below!)

How has Maple fit in with your family and in your home?

Maple arrived as if she had been there the entire time. She and Buddy are inseparable, doing everything together, snuggling at night and rough housing like siblings (or a married couple). She also got along great with our Kitty, although she'd try to chase him sometimes. With my husband and me, she has become our princess pug and has brought us so much joy.

Buddy and Maple like two peas (squished) in a pod

What’s her favorite food?

There isn't a treat she doesn't love. She also like veggies as a crispy healthy snake. She tried a Brussels sprout leaf one time. It got stuck in her front teeth and was the funniest thing.

If your pug could talk, what would she say?
I saw you looking at other pugs on Instagram and I'm disappointed.

If your pug could drive, what kind of car would she roll in?

A monster truck

How has Maple survived the pandemic lockdown?

She's gotten through just fine. Now that we are home more often, she's in puggy heaven.

As much as Maple needed us, we needed her more. She healed broken hearts and helped us laugh and smile again. Being accepted as her forever parents was the greatest gift, and we're forever grateful to PRK and all the pugs and families they help save on a daily basis. This isn't just about dogs; this is about love and changing people's lives. That is what adopting Maple and all our pugs, has been: life-changing and lifesaving.

We've fostered two pugs for PRK after adopting Maple. It was such a rewarding experience to help two pugs find their forever homes, and I highly recommend it to anyone who loves pugs and is willing to help.

Buddy and Maple, before apologizing to Santa for eating all his cookies

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