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Pug Rescue of Korea Foster Appreciation Party – Korea

In May, volunteer Mel Mort hosted a Foster Appreciation Party to thank our network of fosters. The pug guests frolicking and zooming all over the yard were: Mouse, Nora, Ezra, Levi, Pugsley, Francisco, Otis. Kim and her niece, “Lil Kim,” also went!

Mel: “So many of these babies are so stressed and timid when they are first rescued, and it's their time with their fosters that allow their beautiful personalities to blossom. I made ice cream for the dogs and the humans had a cookout. It was such an amazing day!”

Kim: “It is not easy to meet together with fostering moms. I always want to and it came true! Every foster mom and dad were gentle, interesting, friendly, easy-going and open-minded—like pugs! I realized why they foster pugs: all have very similar characters. They share one important thing: pug!”

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