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Theo's Pug Life Now

Updated: May 4, 2020

This handsome fella is Theo! He’s living his best life in LA now—a much improved life from where he started.

His start in Korea was rough. His former owner was mentally ill, who meant well but was not equipped to take care of Theo.

“When I picked up Theo, we met at the train station. Owner was very stressed, high anxiety. Eccentric-looking and spoke strangely. After I got him, she messaged and called often. Her mind was up and down. It was difficult for me. Then finally she would say, please take care of my dog,” said his rescuer, Kim.

Let’s hear from his mom, Leslie-Anne Huff, now!

Current age: about 9 Gotcha day date: October 8, 2012

Instagram: @theopugstable

Theo's Tinder, I mean...Petfinder picture

How did you happen upon this pug?

We found him on Petfinder, which lead us to Happy Angels, which led us to Pug Rescue of Korea!

What’s Theo’s adoption story?

Theo went through a lot with his pug mom in Korea, but he was ultimately forfeited. He needed multiple surgeries for hip dysplasia, patella problems, and bladder crystals. Poor guy! Kim took him in and took good care of him through his recovery until he was ready to be fostered in the States by the amazing Jan Roberts (Theo calls her Mama Jan). She helped him continue his recovery and fostered him for several months before we found him!

Theo with his foster sister, Jelly

How did you know Theo was the “one?”

When we went to "Mama Jan's" house to meet Theo for the first time, he was still recovering and a little wobbly on his feet. He spent a lot of the meet-and-greet lying in bed with his foster sister, Jelly, who was young and rambunctious. We knew Theo was "the one" watching him interact with Jelly: she laid on him, nibbled on his ears, squished him, and tried to get him to play. Theo was happy to just lay there patiently, letting her have her fun; that's Theo! Little did we know that many days later, he would be the same way with his little brother Buddy (also from Pug Rescue of Korea!).

Theo and his little brother, Buddy

Describe the moment you met him.

Well, the moment before we met him, my husband and I drove by Theo as he was out for his walk. He was so cute, we fell in love instantly! Before we went in to officially meet him, I cried with nervousness because I really wanted him to be ours! I remember crying to my husband, saying, "I just hope they like us!" Thankfully, it was all meant to be!

What’s Theo's personality like?

We believe there's no pug like Theo! He is a very chill, relaxed pug. Nowadays, he's such a slow walker that we don't even need the leash anymore! He's so chill that when guests are over, he just lays there; we say he "makes them work for it." But once he knows you, he loves a rub down and will lay and warm your feet.

The only time he's not chill is when it’s time to eat! He eats first thing in the morning and his dinner time is 5pm. But, by 3:30pm, his biological clock starts going off, and he’s begging us to feed him!

It's 5:00 somewhere!

Aside from eating, he also loves his "binkies" (stuffed toys) and is very possessive of them. He likes to hold them in his mouth while he takes naps - sometimes he'll even sigh loudly and make noises like he's really happy and content! Also, like most pugs, he snores very loudly—so loud that he can't sleep in our room with us. Instead, we let him fall asleep in our room and then once he's asleep, we gently pull his bed into the living room! He also loves to sleep with his chin on our legs or wrapped up in a blanket. He is the sweetest and such a funny boy!

Theo is our baby, our son, our sunshine.

La Famiglia

How has Theo fit in with your family and in your home?


What’s his favorite food, or rather--let’s make this pug-appropriate-- is there anything your pug won’t eat?

There's NOTHING he won't eat! If Theo could talk, what would he say?

"Can I please have more food?" If he had thumbs, what would he do?

Open the cabinet where his kibble is and gobble it ALL down!

If Theo could drive, what kind of car would he have?

Theo would have an old Oldsmobile! 

We are so grateful to Kim, Jan, and everyone at Pug Rescue of Korea. We adore Theo and we're so grateful for all who took care of him before he came to us and grateful for all that they continue to do for countless other pugs!

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