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Meet our Mask Seamstresses

Updated: May 8, 2020

A huge thanks to Tatyana, Joy, and Tiffany for donating their sewing services to make these pug themed face masks for Pug Rescue of Korea.


Batch #1: April 22, 2020 by Tatyana Surenyan-Krech Tatyana is a full time English professor at Pasadena City College. She teaches face-to-face and online classes that include courses in freshman composition and advanced composition. She is a published author of poetry, short stories, and textbooks. Aside from her passion for literature and writing, Tatyana enjoys a daily yoga practice, crocheting, quilting, and playing with her adopted dogs Luke & Lucy. She plans to incorporate her writing skills in future projects that includes all her interests as well as YouTube videos.


Batch #2: May 4, 2020 by Joy Middo

Hi PRK supporters- I am happy to sew these masks for PRK! I work for LA Wilshire Periodontics as a registered dental hygienist and have been doing this for the past 32 years. I love bringing oral health back to my patients. When I am not working, I help out as a Girl Scout Leader mentoring girls on their Gold Award projects. I have 3 grown children and a husband who adore pugs and all animals! I was first introduced to PRK when we decided to adopt a pug. We got Boba in 2012, formerly Balloon, who was fostered by Stacy Rolison in San Diego. Since then, we've fostered 3 pugs and became a foster failure with Chibi, formerly Cherybell. I love the unselfish work Kim does for the pugs in Korea and the group who supports her here in Cali. Stay safe everyone!


Batch #3: May 25, 2020 by Tiffany Thong

I'm a physical therapist aide working at the hospital in Fresno, CA. I'm also a board member/volunteer for Hope of Sanger homeless shelter. We have been fostering for Animal Compassion team of Fresno for over 2 years. We adopted Pirate (formerly Carlos) from Pug Rescue of Korea in 2016. My husband Michael and I are proud parents of 2 human kids and 4 rescued four - legged kids. Lucky and Bear are GS, Pirate the pug and KeKoa the Saint Bernard. I enjoy going on a cruise, red wine and cooking.

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