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Maggie's Pug Life Now

Maggie was one of five pugs rescued off the street in Korea in 2018, emaciated and in poor shape. Before her adoption, she had undergone a double hernia surgery due to excessive puppy-bearing, multiple hormone injections to conceive, and plain old genetics. And at some point in the past, her bottom jaw was fractured. Once she healed, she hopped on the plane to meet her mom, Diana!

Current age: 5 or 6 Gotcha day date: July 27, 2018

How did you happen upon Maggie?

Our sweet old guy, McLovin’ the Love Pug, left us in June 2018. I couldn’t imagine life without a pug. We were looking at Pug Nation in L.A., and that led us to Pug Rescue of Korea. We saw her picture online, and I knew she was meant to be part of our family!

How did you know she was the “one?”

We saw her picture on Facebook, and I just knew she was our dog. I’d always wanted a black pug, and she was just so darling!

The picture that won over Diana

Describe the day and your feelings the moment you met your pug.

My husband had to work, so my dad and I drove from Sacramento to Long Beach the day before. Maggie was being fostered by the wonderful Jennifer Flores-Watson and Johnny Baker. They had been sending me daily pics and videos. We met them the next morning at a dog park. She was so tiny! My last pug was 24 pounds, but Maggie was this itty-bitty thing! She was actually pretty calm (this lasted approximately 8 hours and then she turned into the spaz we know and love). My dad held her for the 7-hour drive back while she snoozed. When we got home, she met her new dad and sister, Scout, our Formosa Mountain Dog rescue. They’ve been inseparable ever since!

Gotcha Day!

She HATES insurance commercials. Two seconds into one, and she’s off the couch barking at the TV.

What’s Maggie's personality like?

Maggie has many names: Maggie Moo, Lil’ Moose, Margaret or Moosifer when she’s naughty. Her theme song is Wrecking Ball as she is a bull in a china shop. She is incredibly sensitive to crying animals on TV-- I’m sure due to the fact she’d had so many puppies. She will watch TV all day if we’d let her. She HATES insurance commercials. Two seconds into one, and she’s off the couch barking at the TV. It’s actually her party trick for friends who can’t believe that she can tell insurance commercials from all others. She is the silliest, most playful, gregarious girl. She makes us laugh daily!

How has Maggie fit in with your family and in your home?

She’s a crazy banana so she fits right in! She loves her sister, and they’re often playing or snuggling.

Maggie with her sister, Scout, swimming and snuggling. Bottom right: first day home

What’s her favorite food, or is there anything your pug won’t eat?

Carrots. It’s her go-to treat as she’s watching her figure. We’ve yet to find something she won’t eat. Among her other faves are pumpkin, acorns, and live FROGS 🤢.

If your pug could talk, what would she say?

She does talk! She’s getting pretty good at saying “I love you.”

Maggie says, "I love you!"

If your pug had thumbs, what would she do?

Make herself a carrot, pumpkin, acorn, frog sandwich.

If your pug could drive, what kind of car would she drive?

Yellow Miata Convertible. Final answer.

How is she faring with the stay-at-home order?

She’s in heaven, lots of snuggling. She’s also a huge sunbather so she’s spending lots of time in the backyard.

Anything else you want to add?

Just want to give a huge thank you to Kim, Melody, Renee, Jennifer, Johnny and all the others who were involved in bringing her to our family We can’t imagine life without her!

Maggie's a Snapchat addict

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