Sophie & Simba's Pug Lives Now

Meet Sophie and Simba, two pugs living their best lives in the Bay Area! Let’s hear more about them from their mom, Audrey.

Ages: Sophie – 9yo, Simba – 4yo

Gotcha Day: Sophie – August 2010; Simba – August 2016 How did you happen upon these pugs?

With Sophie, I got bored watching the Sex and the City movie and started persuing the Internet when I saw her face on Petfinder. I put in the application that night and picked her up a week later when I got back from Ireland.

With Simba, my partner Rose fell in love with his face, and we decided to foster to test the waters. Of course, we failed as foster parents and kept him!

Both dogs captured our hearts immediately.

What’s their adoption story from your perspective?

Sophie was an owner surrender. Kim, the rescuer, said that she was treated badly. Rose and I have made sure to spoil her very day.

Simba broke my heart. He was a stray that came from a high kill shelter. He had been a street dog and was malnourished, which is why he’s so small. Not too long after I started fostering, one of my friends was murdered by her husband, and Simba became my emotional support. He still is.

How did you know they were the “one?”

The minute we saw their faces!

Simba is my emotional support

Describe the day and your feelings the moment you met your pug.

It was an OMG moment when we met both! Rose and I drove in a snowstorm to pick up Sophie. The minute Rose saw her, she scooped her away. I picked Simba up at SFO and brought him home. I couldn’t get enough of him. He’s my rock.

Above: Simba in Korea

What’s your pug’s personality like?

Sophie is the biggest lover in the world. We call her “hot lips” and “make out queen,” because she’s always ready to lean in for an open-mouthed kiss. Occasionally, she gets lucky and gets her tongue in someone’s mouth. She’s even tried a few times with the cat, which doesn’t go over well. Simba on the other hand is a lover and a fighter. Because his face is so smashed, he can’t reach his hind quarters, so he constantly begs for a butt scratch. When he doesn’t get one, he throws a tantrum by spinning in a circle and growling. Rose has become our resident butt-scratcher so she gets the brunt of his tantrums. How has your pug fit in with your family and in your home?

Both pugs moved in without any issues. Everyone immediately fell in love with Sophie and Simba fits right in with the craziness of his brother Nick and sisters, Frida and Sophie.

Sophie and Simba are the best thing that ever happened to my family.

What’s their favorite food, or rather--let’s make this pug-appropriate-- is there anything your pug won’t eat?

Bones. Simba loves raw soup bones. He gets so happy with his bones that he carries them around for days after. Sophie likes food. All food. All the time. She is the first one at the table when anyone eats.

If your pug could talk, what would they say?

Simba: "Scratch my ass."

Sophie: "Can’t we just lay in bed all day and snuggle while you feed me delicious treats?"

If your pug had thumbs, what would they do?

Sophie would open the refrigerator.

If your pug could drive, what kind of car would they have?

Both would drive Audis, like their parents, of course. Anything else you want to add?

These two are the best thing that ever happened to my family. I can’t begin to tell Kim and Renee how happy I am. My neighbor’s daughter wants to grow up to be just like me: a crazy lady who owns 2 juggles and 2 pugs!

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